Owl Pillow Tutorial

Welcome to the first tutorial for Mithril Crafts! Today I’m going to be showing you how to make an owl pillow. I made these for several of my friends this past Christmas and they are so simple to put together. Let’s jump right in.

1/2 yd. pretty cotton fabric

1/2 yd. contrast fleece fabric

1 square each of white, black, and yellow felt

Paper for tracing pattern (I used an old store ad)

Pen/pencil for tracing


Thread in matching color

Sewing machine or needle if you want to hand sew
How to Make It:

Here are the fabrics I used, some leftover pink fleece from one of the owls I made for Christmas, a pretty Valentine fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and a square each of black, white, and yellow felt.

Once you have selected your fabrics, take your pattern paper and trace out the shape of your owl. I freehanded mine, then cut it out, folded it in half and trimmed it so that both sides matched exactly. Next I drew on the wings, beak, and eyes to get an idea of what size they should be. 

Because I wanted to be able to keep my pattern, I traced it onto a second sheet and then cut out the individual pieces. Tip: Use two different sized bottle caps for the eyes to help you get perfect circles.

Next get your fabric out. Cut out two of the body–one out of fleece and the other out of the pretty cotton. Cut two wings out of fleece. Cut two of the big eye out of white felt and two smaller eyes out of black felt. Cut one beak out of yellow felt.

Take your pretty cotton fabric and pin on the wings, eyes, and beak. You might have to fiddle a bit to get them in a position on the body that you like.

I usually hand sew these on, but you can also machine stitch them down. Then place the right sides of the fabrics together and pin them, making sure to leave an opening of a few inches at the bottom so you can turn it right side out and stuff it. Machine or hand stitch around the edge from pin to pin, leaving the opening at the bottom. Cut in ease at the tip of the ear then turn it right side out, making sure the ears are pushed all the way out. Stuff the owl, starting with small sections for the ears and keeping it nice and fluffy! Hand stitch the bottom shut. Tada! You now have a cute owl pillow!

(Pictures of the last few steps coming soon. I will edit this post when I do)

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